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The Carroll EnvironAir® Air Purification Unit (APU) Ecology pollution control unit utilizes a three-stage mechanical filtration system to eliminate particulate grease and smoke from the kitchen exhaust air stream. Odors are removed by an additional module, which is usually an extension of the filter system and contains odor media trays or a liquid, which is atomized into the airstream to effectively control the malodors produced by commercial kitchen cooking.

Carroll has a long history of designing and engineering this type of unit, having first developed pollution control units in the 1970’s. Carroll has improved and refined the EnvironAir® APU over the past 35 years.

Today, the EnvironAir® APU offers design solutions for Engineers, Architects and Foodservice operators, to the problems of kitchen exhaust where access to the roof or environmental restrictions would prevent the installation of a commercial kitchen.

The APU is available in CFM ranges from 500 to 40,000 and is engineered to operate with all Carroll series ventilators in order to provide the optimum in filter life. All models are UL and ULC Listed and meet all requirements of NFPA 96, the local authority having jurisdiction and national building codes.

Carroll’s EnvironAir® APU’s are in successful operation in such places as Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and Vancouver; international trading centers like Dubai and Sharm El Sheik; from bustling corporate centers to the tranquility of Midwest schools, Floridian oases and suburban country clubs; and have been instrumental in resolving the challenges of commercial air pollution.

Ruggedly constructed, yet uncomplicated in design, the EnvironAir® APU is truly a silent sentry, indispensible to many commercial cooking operations.

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Consultant Specification with Liquid Odor Control
Consultant Specification with Media Odor Control